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Castanopsis motleyana. From the standpoint of indigenous peoples, however, all of these various programs are inadequate, halfway measures that fail to offer ownership, and hence true control, over ancestral domains. It can be used as stuffing for pillows and other items. via We still have stocks available, cut prior to the IFMA logging restrictions of 2011. Philippine Native Plants List: 1.Antipolo Tree (Artocarpus blancoi) 2.Bagawak-morado 3.Cinnamon 4.Dao (Dracontomelon dao) 5.Eucalyptus Tree. For her, connection with nature is essential to one’s life. This Philippine tree's yellow blossoms are absolutely stunning and they're especially vivid … Fig trees are special because they are pollinated by a specific fig wasp. At the lower montane rainforest, Bandong introduces the katmon, a native ornamental tree. Since this year’s theme for International Day of Forests is all about education, you might want to take the time to learn about some of our native yet endangered trees in the Philippines. Neem. ... BINHI program is still the only corporate-led greening program that focuses on the rescue and propagation of threatened native trees, so the results of the inventory and geo-tagging are considered new and pioneering to the scientific community. Aratiles (Muntingia) ➢ These tiny berries are sweet to the taste and has an inedible skin. Native Trees and Shrubs - Philippines. It is home to more than 96 premium tree species, mostly endangered, as well as five of the 12 forest formations in the country. The single point of Mount Makiling is much more biologically diverse than the whole continent of America, the site guides for the tour point out. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of their value and cut these trees down for profit — one reason behind the loss of biodiversity in many areas. The katmon fruit can be used as a souring agent for the famous Filipino dish sinigang. Conservation Status: Vulnerable Siar Tree. “The [Indian] mangoes we are so proud of, we say that they’re grown here, but the species is not native,” Ples explains, adding: “We have plenty of native species that can potentially become globally competitive [but] … we Filipinos don’t pay attention to our native trees.” Dear Sir,/ Madam, We envy your visions and mission in developing your agri land look awesome. Sunlight turns the blue-green spike moss iridescent—a quite uncommon feat in nature, because the color blue is rare and hard to produce biologically. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The tour ends on a solemn note, as everyone gathers around the memorial of Co, one of the greats of Philippine botany. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “We have to take care of and propagate this knowledge, or it will be gone.” she says. Our Planet. Worse, they could have a negative impact on the environment.”. Attenborough's Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii). They are our heritage. Native Plants Of The Philippines Philippine Teak (Tectona philippinensis). The walking tour, #GubatSaSyudad (Forest in the City), sponsored by the IB and the Asian Institute of Tourism, is a way for advocates to spark interest and showcase the vibrancy of native biodiversity. Ramon Bandong awaits visitors at the entrance of the University of the Philippines’ Institute of Biology (UP IB), where he is the resident plant expert. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Bandong points to a plant hidden in a corner by a creek, inching away from it as he speaks: “That is the lipang kalabaw. << back to Our Products . Environmental damage from unsustainable development and urbanization also endangers native species, many of which have yet to be discovered. Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70+ titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Still pending in the Philippine Congress is a bill that would redeem such a pledge, in fact made under the 1987 Philippine Constitution. They are slowly facing extinction if not taken care of today. Dear Mr. Ramiro: Dandelion-like cotton balls from a kapok tree overhead land like dust on the visitors. These are a mere 108 of 3,600 native trees identified, and of these 3,600 about 67 percent are endemic to the Philippines. Chisocheton erythrocarpus. Citrus … He points to a familiar tree, the one kids love to climb. “There are species that are under threat, their population in the wild decreasing. Chisocheton maxilla-pisticis. He was wrongfully Red-tagged by the very forces supposed to protect him from danger. . One is providing really clean oxygen.” Endemic trees are species that can only be found in certain areas, which makes them challenging to conserve since they only thrive under certain conditions. He leaves a message to the youth saying:  “We will continue the fight, the fight to conserve our biodiversity, to protect our forests so that we may have a sustainable life.”. ROSA. “Plant diversity in the Philippines is very rich,” says Lillian Rodriguez, assistant professor at the IB. Some of the Philippine endemic trees include dapdap (, Protecting these trees means securing the lives of not just humans, but also the habitat and existence of other living creatures like the wildlife. There are many of us already doing that.”. Unfortunately,. Much of the knowledge of native Philippine plants comes from our ancestors, Rodriguez says. Mahogany, commonly used in tree-planting activities, is actually an invasive foreign species that ideally should not be propagated in the Philippines. The aso ng gubat is a strong candidate for being the first official breed of indigenous dogs in the Philippines. Chisocheton macranthus. Its sting is so itchy that even carabaos run away from it.”. He adds that a tree can store up to 300 to 500 gallons of water in one rainy period. Thank you so much. Mango is the National fruit of the Philippines. TREE WALK Plant enthusiasts embark on a tree walk at the UP IB-EDC Binhi Threatened Species Arboretum to learn more about native and endemic plants of the country from resident experts like Ramon Bandong (bottom right). To find out more, please click this link. We take our trees for granted and we fail to realize that they’re slowly diminishing in number. He extends his awareness on his social media account to let others realize the importance of trees in our ecosystem. “When we come down from the mountain, they’ll borrow the plant identification guide … I watch them with amazement and nostalgia as I remember the days when I first fell in love with plants,” she says. Castor hopes for the younger generation to continue the initiatives that they are executing for the environment and the future. Meanwhile, in the southern part of the country, indigenous tribes are mostly found in Mindanao and Western Visayas. In Mindanao, these existing non-Muslim indigenous groups are collectively known as the Lumad – a Cebuano term which means ‘native’ or ‘indigenous’.There Lumad tribes comprise about 13 ethnic groups which are the Blaan, Bukidnon, Higaonon, Mamanwa, … Germination ranged from 0 to 90%. It … Popular to … A tree domestication trial involving 20 different indigenous tree species was initiated in the Sierra Madre Mountain, Luzon Island, Philippines. We owners , our intention is to improve our land and make it usable. Exotic Plants / Native Trees and Shrubs - Philippines. These trees have adapted to the specific ecological conditions of the area. It looks like snow in summer, but sadly, the tree is not indigenous. And when you see something beautiful, there’s the urge to get to know more about it, and to get everyone else to see it,” Ples says. Don't miss out on the latest news and information. Maintaining biodiversity also means “several species of trees are planted in a particular area.” When we do this, we also allow several animals to have a healthy habitat. Yellow Bells, Yellow Trumpet Tree (Tecoma stans), Rizal Avenue, Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines This vigorous shrub, the “Soleil d’Or” (Sun of Gold) Gardenia (Gardenia gjellerupii) is very fragrant, a beautiful addition to any garden. Easily recognized by their pyramidal shape, their needle-like leaves grouped in bunches of two or three, and woody cones, two species of pine are native to the Philippines: the familiar Benguet pine or saleng ( Pinus insularis ) and the obscure Mindoro pine or tapulao ( Pinus merkusii ). Sometimes they just forget … So we make time for them to quite literally stop and smell the flowers.”. Thank you for writing to us. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. —JAM STA. Tagged as allelopathic, it releases chemicals that change the composition of the soil for other naturally occurring plants and overcomes them. “They will not release that outrightly. Exclusive Philippine trees nursery dedicated to reforesting the last remaining rainforest in the island of Luzon. (Photo courtesy of Masungi Georeserve), “Our endemic trees provide many benefits. And with the notion that exotic trees are fast-growing, many people continue to grow them while practicing a monocropping system, that as per Castor, hugely affects the ecosystem. Philippine Teak ( Tectona philippinensis) belongs to the Verbenaceae family. For this reason, Castor continues to save trees, particularly the endemic and rare varieties, in Negros Occidental. Protecting these trees means securing the lives of not just humans, but also the habitat and existence of other living creatures like the wildlife. Philippine Rosewood (Toog) is a natural species which is currently no longer being harvested. Now the visitors troop to a bridge as quaint as in a fairy tale, and wonder what awaits them behind the brown tree trunks. Some of the Philippine endemic trees include dapdap (Erythrina variegata), molave (Vitex parviflora), malabulak (Bombax ceiba), and katmon (Dillenia philippinensis). In other areas, lauan (Philippine mahogany) often predominates. Dry mahogany leaves crunch beneath their feet as they move toward the first area, a clump of towering trees, the tropical lowland evergreen rainforest. This is one of the herbal trees the country is known for. “These are plants that are ours, that [represent] the Philippines. The source of almost everything we need, plant compounds are usually studied for their groundbreaking potential and application in medicine and other fields. One Tree Planted, a non-profit based out of Vermont, has been planting trees in the tropical rainforests of Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines in an effort to try and restore some of the local forests to their former glory. Please write directly to them. At this point, they need a little help or intervention in the form of arboretums to house them,” says David Ples, a site guide and research assistant at the IB. 96 Threatened Native Tree Species in the Philippines – Found and Rescued. Most of the Philippines’ vegetation is indigenous and largely resembles that of Malaysia; the plants and trees of the Dormancy was suspected in 12 species while two species exhibited high and rapid germination. On these mountains, pine trees are the dominant vegetation. Some of the Philippine endemic trees include dapdap (Erythrina variegata), molave (Vitex parviflora), malabulak (Bombax ceiba), and katmon (Dillenia philippinensis). Native Trees and Shrubs - Philippines. Bananas. “It’s a race against time to ignite our collective consciousness of the unique flora around us,” says Ples. In the second area, forest over limestone, are many endemic plants found only in the Philippines. Pixelated Planet Source: Pixelated Planet . “I am not alone. Indigenous trees are at the center of the arboretum. As industrialization was introduced, monocropping, or the practice of producing a single crop in one space has also begun to spread. Agriculture Monthly is a product of Manila Bulletin Publishing, Inc. Photo of a tibig tree (Ficus nota), a Philippine native and endemic tree found in Baras, Rizal. At the lower montane rainforest, Bandong introduces the katmon, a native ornamental tree. Call 896 6000. Plants give so much but ask for so little, according to Ples. “Diversity is beautiful. Philippine forest: Ours to keep, ours to preserve. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of their value and cut these trees down for profit. “If Japan has cherry blossoms, the Philippines has the Philippine teak,” says Garrino. Without differing trees, there will also be a limited habitat for animals, which could lead to an outbreak since there is an absence of other beneficial species that could help interact and combat pests in the area. It is a very durable species, which FILTRA has used for decking, flooring, furniture, and gift items. Our plants are different from our neighboring countries and we have different endemic species.”. Fig trees like the “tangisang bayawak” (top) are indigenous to the Philippines. Gasps fill the air as the visitors examine the fig tree dubbed tangisang bayawak. The initiatives that they ’ re slowly diminishing in number country is for! Is able to influence others in his advocacy of our exotic trees and Shrubs -

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